INSIDEOUT - Festival of Contemporary Art

Art and locality symbiosis or confrontation? The festival engages with the dynamism of contemporary culture at a historic location, the above-ground bunker in the Reinhardtstraße, Berlin-Mitte. Originally constructed as a reaction to military helplessness, the structure signifies for most of today's passers-by nothing beyond its own dominant presence. The participating artists are presented with the challenge of investing the innards of this hulking, weighty building with a softening vitality.

INSIDEOUT is conceived with the intention of bringing Berlin art face to face with artistic positions of other cities; the festival draws exemplary impulses from the important centres Prague, Berlin and New York.

INSIDEOUT is the first step towards transformation of the bunker into an exhibition space for new art in an international context. Our goal is to redevelop these unusual rooms for an ongoing programme of activities.

Owners of the building Nippon Development Corporation will after closure of the exhibition begin a complete restoration and conversion of the building.