The Organiser

The aktions galerie as a forum for new art

The aktions galerie was founded in 1994 to initiate and support artistic and cultural work. Since then the gallery has been holding exhibitions at monthly intervals; it has also presented a great many performances, music, dance and film events.

In 1999 the amount of available exhibition space was increased through the addition of two additional galleries focussing on Asian and eastern European art. The aktions galerie has from its inception provided a forum for young artists. In the context of its many co-operative ventures with other organisations, international projects have been a particular area of emphasis.

Since June of 2001 the organisation has been headquartered at 20/21 Auguststraße where it runs the Galerie DNA.

As a follow-up to a 1996 invitation of the Goethe Institute in Luxemburg, the aktions galerie organised Berlin's first two-week UNDABDIEPOST festival in February of 1997. This initial show was able to attract more than 15,00 guests in 10 days. Subsequent festivals reached international dimensions with a steady rise to a level of more than 30,000 visitors. In November of 2000 the aktions galerie showed  •  UNDABDIEPOST upon invitation of the Goethe Institute at Hong Kong's Festival of Visions.