Significant Dates     Bunker: 1941 - 1992 (Part 1)
1941 Planning of the "Reichsbahnbunker Friedrichstraße"
1942 Construction of the bunker at Karlsstraße/ Albrechtstraße in Mitte as a shelter for the population in the surrounding streets
(2000 people).
1945 Occupation of the bunker by the Red Army; used for interning soldiers.
1949 Serves as a warehouse for clothing.
1957 Warehouse for dried fruit, VEB Obst Gemüse Speisekartoffeln.
Apr. ´92 The artist Werner Vollert rents the building.
Jun. ´92 1st open air disco in Berlin: All Weather Club (artist's project).
Jul. ´92 1st bunker party, during Loveparade.
Oct. ´92 Techno in the bunker. Hart House ("double floor concept") Wolle Neugebauer Xdp.
Nov. `92 Rave with Marusha, Rock, Dick u.a. in the stairwell on the occasion of the Day of Penance and Prayer, (formerly a national religious holiday): Let Us Sin!.
Dec. ´92 First New Year's party in the bunker No drugs but music.
The bunker organises fetish and fantasy parties to techno music.

Bunker: 1993 - 2002 (Part 2)