Significant Dates     Bunker: 1993 - 2001 (Part 2)
Dec. ´93 Other forms of culture enter the bunker: Dr. Seltsams existentialiste, performed by a cabaret ensemble.
Mar. ´94 The federal government is designated as owner of the building.
Jul. ´94 Loveparade: Noise love unity.
First bunker CD appears.
Nov.´94 Apr. ´95 The Deutsche Theater performs Simon Donald's Lebensstoff on the fourth floor of the bunker.
Summer ´95 The first festival summer: open air spectacular, ACT IN ACTION and the Sexperimenta; the bunker garden is set up in the courtyard.
Autumn ´95 Lively subculture at the bunker, with its ideal location between Berliner Ensemble and Deutsches Theater. The location has established itself as a "techno temple" and an insider tip for the avant garde scene.
Dec. ´95 The New Year's party The last Days of Saigon is banned, but takes place anyway.
The bunker is closed by order of the authorities.
Oct. 2001 Nippon Development Corporation GmbH aquires the bunker.
Dec. 2001 Begin of planning for conversion of the bunker into the Kunstbunker für internationale Junge Kunst.

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